What is rope access? Who might need a rope access solution? And what solutions does RT9 offer? Get answers to all of your rope access questions here.

What is rope access?

Rope Access, commercial climbing, industrial climbing… A dear child has many names! Rope access very simply means that we gain access to the work area with the help of rope. These work areas are typically hard to reach and/or at height. So what is Rope Access? It is a method of access and a way to work safely at height.

How much does rope access cost?

At RT9, we tailor our rope access solutions to suit your needs. We determine the price based on several different parameters. Contact us to get a quote for your rope access solution.

What can rope access be used for?

Rope Access can be used for all types of commercial climbing and is often a cheaper and safer alternative to scaffolding. Rope Access is particularly useful for places that are difficult to access, and can therefore be a very flexible solution for complex projects.

At RT9, we operate within most industries and are happy to take on large as well as small tasks.

What does a rope technician do?

A rope technician is a trained professional climber who can solve a craft at height. At RT9, we help with, among other things, blacksmithing, electricity, insulation and various repair tasks using rope access.

Why should you choose rope access over scaffolding?

Rope access is a cheaper alternative to scaffolding. You save both time and money. With rope access, you don’t have to spend valuable time setting up scaffolding. We are quickly in the air and we move flexibly in ropes.

This also means that we can work in hard-to-reach places where scaffolding, cranes or lifts cannot always reach.

What services does RT9 offer?

We can do most things for most industries. In fact, we have specialized in creating special solutions for several industries. Read more about our solutions here.

It can be difficult to list all the different tasks we do with rope access, but here are some of the most common:

And much more…

What industries does RT9 make solutions for?

We have solved tasks on power plants, drilling platforms, wind turbines and much more. Read more about the industries we operate within here:

In which countries does RT9 operate?

RT9 is a rope access company based in Denmark, but we make rope access solutions throughout Scandinavia and Germany.

What are the benefits of using an RT9 team?

At RT9 you can get a complete package solution. We offer many services, so therefore we can put together a team that can solve several different tasks for you, if necessary.

Among other things, we can repair, install and inspect while we’re on the job, so you only need to hire one team.

Does RT9 make custom solutions?

At RT9, we can easily tailor solutions for you. We prefer to think in innovative solutions that are adapted to your needs.

See how we have helped Maersk with a tailor-made solution.

Why choose suspended platform systems?

There are plenty of good reasons for choosing suspended platform systems. Big time savings, higher security and an easier product to manage are just some of them. Read more about suspended platform systems here.

What are the benefits of suspended platform systems?

There are several benefits to using the suspended platform system. Read more about them here.

  • It reduces the load on your structure by up to 90%. The scaffold typically weighs 25-35 kg per m2 and can be designed to handle a load similar to a Class 4 scaffold of 500 kg per m2.
  • The scaffold has fewer contact points. It is suspended by chains rather than tubes and only takes up 12 cm for each level built.
  • You achieve higher FoS (Factor of Safety) and a safer working environment for the workers. The scaffold can withstand harsh weather conditions as it has a strong structure and can accommodate more workers.
  • The scaffold can be built up to 88% faster than traditional scaffolding systems, saving you both time and money.

Where can suspended platform systems be used?

Suspended platform systems can be used in most places. With its light weight and zero contact points, the platforms can be mounted on most structures. In particular, the suspended platforms are ideal to use in hard-to-reach areas, such as drilling rigs, bridges, power plants etc. 

How much weight can a suspended platform support?

A suspended platform typically has a weight of 25-35 kg per m2 and can be designed for a pressure load corresponding to class 4 scaffolding of 500 kg per m2.

How much space does a suspended platform take up?

The suspended platforms, designed by V-decks, typically has a weight of 25-35 kg per m2. In addition, the scaffolding is hung from chains rather than pipes and is only 12 cm for each floor that is built.

Are suspended platform systems a safe alternative to scaffolding?

The suspended platform system is a very safe alternative to regular scaffolding. The suspended platforms can withstand strong wind conditions and cope with heavy loads. They have a 3:1 safety factor on all components and higher built-in security that also reduces the risk of dropped items. Read more about suspended platform systems here.


Is rope access safe?

Rope Access is a safe method for working at height. RT9 conforms to the international safety standard, IRATA. This means we risk-assess every task at height, plan the work process down to the smallest detail and develop a rescue plan so that craftsmen on the construction site do not have to worry about potential dangers.

Are there many accidents with rope access?

We refer to Industrial Rope Access Trade Organization (IRATA) for information about accidents when using ropes.

How do you take safety measures against fall accidents?

Many fall accidents are due to incorrect use of equipment and a lack of a rescue plan if the the accident should happen.

At RT9, we offer a fall protection course where we suit you up for the work with rope access. The course ensures a higher safety level of work at height – both for yourself and the other craftsmen working on site. 

What safety standards does RT9 work with?

When we at RT9 are out on a task, our team always work by current IRATA safety standards. All of our work goes through a safety pinhole, which we take very seriously. We understand the importance of providing a safe environment for our team and customers, which is why we invest a lot of time in training, equipment, inspections and procedures.