We have helped companies like Oersted og Maersk with cleaning and maintenance tasks. You can read more about our cases here.

Ensure a safe working environment for you and your employees

There are many reasons why constructions break down over time, and therefore there are also many solutions to the problem.


A problem can be fallen objects that are not kept control of, so in the long run the fastening corrodes causing bolts to come loose and the item to potentially fall down. Another problem can be that over time there are dropped objects that are still lying around on the construction, and the next touch or shake of the structure can cause the object to fall down risking damage to people and equipment.


It is therefore important that you regularly maintain and clean work areas in hard-to-reach places. Both for the sake of possible fallen objects, but also for the sake of the working environment. This particularly applies to power plants, incinerators, jack-up rigs and other structures. By doing so, you avoid the obvious risks, namely the risk of fire or explosions.


With rope access, you can easily gain access to deal with these issues. We clean, repair and maintain all types of constructions, from cleaning surfaces to replacing materials and tightening bolts.

We deliver within these rope access services

In hard-to-reach areas that you cannot access yourself, we assist and carry out maintenance work.


  • Securing possible fallen objects (bearing locks, lamps, electrical components, winches, hydraulic hoses, etc.)

  • Repair of surfaces for rust damage and other corrosion protection/surface treatment

  • Replacement of material and other repair tasks (Steel, glass, insulation, insulation boards, corrosion protection, etc.)

  • Industrial cleaning of surfaces for dust, spills or other things with vacuum cleaners, wet cloths etc.

  • Tightening and securing bolts and similar objects that may have come loose

Do you need a task solved at height?

At RT9, our craftsmen are specialists in rope access and we can solve all maintenance and cleaning tasks – especially in the oil and gas sector. 

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We have helped companies such as Oersted at Herningvaerket with cleaning silos in an ATEX area and with reducing the risk of fire in grates.