We have helped companies such as COWI and Ørsted with inspections of various types of construction. You can read more about our cases here.

Avoid workplace accidents with regular rope access inspections

It is a good idea to carry out regular inspections of your buildings or other constructions for several reasons. One reason may be to avoid unnecessary expenses for unexpected maintenance costs, which in the worst case can damage the workplace environment or stop production.


We are happy to help you ensure that there is no downtime in production, whether it is the production of oil, heat, medicine or something else entirely. Our best approach is inspection of the work area with rope access.


An inspection assesses the condition and safety of the construction, so that potential hazards and damages can be minimized or completely avoided. Inspections should occur when planning your projects or during recurring safety checks.


With rope access, the hard-to-reach areas that your craftsmen cannot access themselves in the traditional way can be reached easily and safely. We offer to inspect your work area so you can secure your people and your building against potential accidents.

We do the following rope access inspections 

We have assisted with safer workplaces during inspections within:


  • Visual inspections of the work area
  • Building inspections
  • NDT inspections (Non Destructive Testing)
  • Inspection of silos
  • Inspection of facade panels
  • Inspection of equipment and systems
  • Protection against fallen objects such as loose bolts, tools etc.

Do you need a task solved at height?

At RT9, our craftsmen are specialists in rope access and can solve any type of inspection, within the food or medical industry, the oil and gas sector and on wind turbines, bridges or power plants. 

Contact us regarding inspections of your work area.

RT9 CASE | Maersk Gallant

RT9 was responsible for conducting an inspection of the drilling rig, which included securing the rig against fallen objects. In addition to this, we also carried out various other tasks in the area.