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Rope access for industry, industrial rope access, also known as industrial climbing, is the best way to gain access and workspace in the conditions found in industrial areas. For example, this could be power plants and incineration plants. Here, rope access solutions pay off on various parameters such as safety, economy and quality.


We provide industrial climbing on power plants, combined heat and power plants and stations, incineration plants and large industrial installations. Such structures typically contain many hard-to-reach work areas, both inside and outside. If there are areas in your chimney, silos, boilers, heat exchangers, tanks or the entire structure itself that you cannot access yourself, we can assist you. We help you inspect and maintain the structure so that, for example, dust and dirt do not increase the risk of fire and explosion and a poor work environment for your employees.


In our work with rope access for industry and other areas, RT9 complies with the international safety standard, IRATA. This means that we make a risk assessment for every task at height, plan the work process thoroughly and plan for a potential rescue so that workers on site don’t have to worry about potential hazards.




We are ready to assist you within the following areas

Among other things, RT9 have assisted the industry with:

• Securing and routing cables
• Electrical wiring
• Mounting and dismantling of structures/components (large and small)
• Cleaning
• Recovery of grab dropped by refuse crane (incineration plants only)
• Inspections
• Surface treatment and visual inspection
• Non-destructive Testing (NDT)
• Consulting and courses


We have assisted companies like Ørsted, Reno-Nord, AffaldVarme Aarhus, and Lisbjerg Forbrænding.




Do you need rope access in an industrial area?

RT9 we are specializes in rope access. We are able and ready to solve all tasks in complicated and hard-to-reach work areas including yours.

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