We have helped several danishes companies like Fjernvarme Fyn and HS Hansen with mounting work on different elements for construction. Read more about our cases here.

Why choose rope access for mounting and demounting?

It is more flexible to use rope access when elements ranging from pipes to boards or steel structures are to be mounted or dismounted. Craftsmen working in ropes can access any building that would otherwise be difficult to access with traditional scaffolding or a lift.


Typical conditions that can make it difficult for craftsmen to access a work area are buildings with complex constructions, high-density housing busy construction sites or neat areas that you don’t want destroyed. This is where rope access is absolutely ideal! Setting up the access system (ropes) only takes a few moments. From there, we are ready to work, regardless of where the work is located.


With rope access, there are no objects in the way during the lift, so there is plenty of air for elements to be installed or uninstalled, to have room to “hang” in the crane, to be moved in hoists, winches, etc. If the lift is a “light lift” under 500 kg, we can also handle lifting and hoisting with our equipment and thereby save costs for mobile cranes etc.

We solve the following tasks with mounting and demounting at height

We can conduct or assist you in these task and more


  • Steel and concrete elements

  • Facade panels

  • Insulation boards and insulation

  • Anodes

  • Lamps

  • Steel structures

  • Anchorage for fall protection or rope access

  • Suspended platform systems 

  • Pipes and pipe systems

  • Windows

Do you need help with high-altitude mounting and demounting?

At RT9, we take pride in our team of skilled craftsmen who are experts in rope access and have many years of experience in solving complex and challenging tasks at height. We assist in all fases of the project and we can also assist alongside with traditional work methods.

We provide our services in the oil and gas sector, the food and healthcare industry, on bridges, construction sites and power plants.

Contact us and get your tasks solved with rope acces.

RT9 CASE | Fjernvarme Fyn: Replacement of piping

3 tons of pipes had to be cut down and rigged out. Then a total of 6 tons of pipes had to be rigged up and laminated.