Fall protection course for safer work at height

Today there is a focus on safety more than ever – and there is good reason for that, as unfortunately many accidents occur when working at height which could have been avoided. Most often, the accidents are characterized by falls due to incorrect use of equipment and lack of a rescue plan if the accident should happen.


Following inquiries from larger Danish companies, we at RT9 have decided to offer a new fall protection course in Denmark. The course ensures a higher safety level for work at height – both for yourself and other craftsmen working on site.


With our skills, facilities and our more than 13 years of experience with industrial climbing, we offer a course where we make the industry safer. We have developed the training based on fundamental principles which have been tested by our own rope access technicians in practice.

The course consists of the following levels

Level 1: Basic Harness

Here, the participants will learn the correct use of equipment for working at height as well as the correct and safe handling of safety systems. This level is for everyone working at a power plant, a construction site, on bridges, wind turbines or drilling platforms.


Level 2: Supervisor

As a supervisor, you are responsible for the rescue plan in the event of an accident. Therefore, at this level you will learn about all the steps to execute a rescue plan that can handle many working people. You will also learn to set up security systems as well as instruct the performing people in the safe use of equipment and systems.


Level 3: Manager

As a manager, you will learn to handle procedures and create safety documentation for the individual phases of the task to protect the working craftsmen and others in the area. This will include a safety documentation package, which can be used in for future tasks.


We recommend following all 3 levels in the course for the safest and most complete education, but it is of course possible only to be educated in either level 1, 2 or 3, if not all modules are desired.

How to register

If you wish to follow the course, registration takes place via phone or email.

If you want a solution for a specific project, please also call us.

Find RT9’s contact information here:

We have already helped customers such as COWI, FORCE Technology Danmark og Det Kongelige Teater with training in safe work at height.

You can read more about our work with COWI.

Additions to the course

We also offer the following add ons to the fall protection course as extra modules:

  • First aid: Basic or advanced
  • Work with tripod
  • First response training: Scenario training with first aid, rescue etc.
  • Bolt test: Best practice for anchor eyes
  • Inspection of protective equipment