We have helped lots of companies with rope access consulting for many different projects. You can see more about our work in our cases here.

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Rope access is still increasingly used in diffrent industries. It is therefore important that this working method is used correctly and safely.


At RT9, we offer consulting on rope access solutions for any type of project within construction, the industry, the oil and gas sector, bridges and wind turbines.

This applies to both professional advice on the implementation and setting up of rail systems for ropes as well as rules and maintenance plans before a project begins or even during projects. As we see it, rope access is a flexible solution for any project.

However, the requirements for rope access systems vary from building to building, so a solution that works for a specific building will not necessarily be optimal for other buildings. We therefore recommend individual consultations in regards to any projects where rope and rail systems should be implemented on a construction.

We consult within the following areas

We offer rope access consulting within several types of areas and projects:

  • Consultations within construction, the industry, the oil and gas sector, bridges and wind turbines
  • We often consult with architects, engineers and project managers
  • We consult before a project
  • We consult during a project

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