We solve tasks at height in difficult-to-reach places

Rope access technicians for installation, repair,
and maintenance tasks in difficult-to-reach
and inaccessible areas and locations.

We operate in the construction industry, on bridges, wind turbines, in the industrial sector, and in the oil and gas sector. Safety, time management, and quality assurance are always at the forefront, and all tasks are carried out in close contact with customers and partners.

Benefit from all the advantages of RT9

Avoid injuries

With rope access, the ropes are directly attached to the building being worked on. This means you don’t have to worry about causing damage to the surroundings!

Get flexible access

Build and maintain at heights in places that are difficult to reach with traditional cranes, lifts, and scaffolding

Avoid waiting

Start the task immediately. You can start at short notice, meet your deadlines, and even save time because with rope access you don’t have to wait for permits, rent machinery, or build scaffolding.

Work safely

We assess the risks of the task and plan the work process and rescue plan down to the last detail. This ensures that both our technicians and yours can work safely during otherwise risky tasks.

Suspended platforms




Clients and partners

We have been involved since the beginning of the industry
and advise, train, and perform all types of rope access tasks.

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