We’ve made custom rope access solutions for companies like Maersk offshore, Vestforbrændning and many more. Learn more about our solutions here.

We make custom rope access solutions

At RT9 we accommodate your needs by making custom solutions – no matter the tasks complexity or scale. Actually we especially like to take on a challenging task.


In our experience many tasks call for a specifik solution. When working with large, heavy objects at height – often in narrow spaces – you will need an experienced team. Therefore, we typically collaborate with engineers, architects and other specialists to solve a custom rope access solution.

Examples of custom rope access task by RT9

We’ve solved the following rope access task with costum solutions


  • Suspended platform system for offshore
  • Steel and pipe montage at height
  • Montage of 18 tons of steel on a slope
  • Depletion of silo

Do you need a custom task solved at height?

At RT9, we take pride in our team of skilled craftsmen who are experts in rope access and have many years of experience in solving complex and challenging custom tasks at height. We provide our services in the oil and gas sector, the food and healthcare industry, on bridges, construction sites and power plants.

Contact us about your custom rope access task.

RT9 CASE | Vestforbrænding: Steel and pipe montage 

We were called in at the beginning of the job til install steel that was difficult to reach fra the lift which ended up being a great benefit for the customer as we were able to cut down components and set up components without disturbing the other workers.