We have, among others, performed craftsmanship tasks at height for companies such as Lisbjerg Forbraending and B&W Energy. Read more about our cases here. 

Get you tasks at height solved

At RT9, we perform a variety of tasks using Rope Access. Some of our most common tasks include welding, insulation and electrical work on larger structures.


Using Rope Access for these types of tasks can have its advantages, as craftsmen on ropes can move flexibly around to suit the requirements of the tasks. We can safely bring welding equipment and other tools up to the heights when performing craftsman tasks.


We can either carry out the work for you or assist your craftsmen in safely completing the task at heights.


We carry out the following tasks at height within welding, insulation, and electrical work

We solve various types of craftsmanship tasks, including:


  • Installation of antennas, lamps, lightning arresters and other electricity

  • Pulling of cables and fastening with cable lugs or strips

  • Insulation of pipes with insulation and plates

  • Welding work to standard. Hardox, stainless for food, boiler pipes etc.

  • Plastic welding

  • Assistance for setting up suspended scaffolding so that you can handle the task yourself

Do you need assistance with tasks at heights?

Get your tasks resolved using Rope Access. At RT9 we solve your high-altitude craftsmanship tasks in cooperation with you.

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RT9 CASE | Lisbjerg forbraending: new chute

We had to cut down the old chute, make a new construction and then weld on new plates. 18 tons of steel is fitted and fully welded.