RT9 have provided rope access rescue teams for several companies that have needed to send their workers out into situations where rescue might be necessary. Both within rope access, but also general fall protection, working in closed spaces, etc. You can read more about our cases here.

Take your safety seriously with a rope access rescue team

A core value of RT9 is safety, safety and more safety. All our industrial climbers are IRATA certified, so we only operate to the highest rope access safety standards.


We therefore recommend that you have an RT9 rope access rescue team with you when you or your colleagues work at height. With more than 13 years of experience behind us, we offer rescue teams for any type of task at height.


We work with you on a rescue plan before the project begin and assist you along the way throughout the tasks, so that you and your team can feel safe when you are welding, inspecting or cleaning at height.

This is how a rescue team works

This is how we operate as a rescue team:


  • We plan and implement a rescue plan before the task begins
  • We check all equipment before, during and after any task
  • We observe while the task is being carried out
  • We intervene if your workmen are exposed to danger

Do you need a rope access rescue team?

We solve your craft at height in cooperation with you. At RT9, our craftsmen are specialists in rope access and can assist with safety measures within the industry, construction, bridges, wind turbines or the oil and gas sector.

Contact us to solve your tasks safely.

RT9 CASE | COWI: The bridges in Denmark and Sweden

Since 2010, we have helped COWI with setting up the nature of the entire task in connection with taking care of safety, procedures and equipment for the inspection of the Danish bridges, primarily on concrete pylons and stabilizer cables with rope access.