RT9 CASE | Maersk Offshore: Setting up a custom platform system in the Norwegian sector

Maersk offshore


The customer needed the cables changed along the cantilever on both sides. The possibilities for anchoring were very narrow and therefore, RT9 was asked to come up with af solution. We built a suspended platform system which weighs 25-35 kg per m2 and can be designed according to class 4 scaffolding (500 kg per m2). The scaffolding ran over 40 meters along the side and further on under a plateau.


The scaffold system was hanging even when the rig was fully drillable and the cantilever could move just as the customer needed. This meant that the customer could prioritize the use of the platforms as needed and when it fit in with the drilling activities, which would not be possible with other methods. In addition to the scaffolding work, we helped with various other tasks within the same scope.


June – October 2019.

This task was specially designed for Maersk Offshore. Many types of suspended platforms would be too heavy for the construction, and the narrow possibilities for anchoring the platforms required a special solution. This suspended platform system ended up being the most optimal method.

With Rope Access, we can set up suspended platforms quickly and efficiently. And Rope Access also gave the opportunity to continue drilling undisturbed.


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