Rope Access – professional industrial climbing in all of Europe

The purpose of industrial climbing is to get access to hard-to-reach and inaccessible locations to perform a job. Rope Access is particularly useful in work areas where one would normally use traditional methods such as lifts, scaffolding, or cranes. However, these methods are not always sufficient for the job. With Rope Access, you can finish your job in the areas you cannot reach yourself.


At RT9, we can handle all sorts of different jobs and tasks at height, as well as train and supervise you to perform Rope Access tasks yourself. The use of Rope Access is the most efficient and secure method for working at height – both for owners, contractors, and craftsmen.


We offer rope access solutions all over Scandinavian and Germany. No task is too big or small, and we simply do not know the concept of “fear of heights” of “impossible tasks”.

Why choose Rope Access?

We recommend consulting with a Rope Access technician before starting your project for several reasons. From an economic point of view, you won’t need a lot of extra equipment nor expensive machinery. Rope Access is a very flexible solution as we can start the job immediately and without damaging the surroundings.


We haven’t come across any task, that could not be solved with Rope Access. We have performed Rope Access within the following industries:

We are following the highest international standard for safe work at height

To perform a job with Rope Access, you will need to do industrial climbing training. The highest standard for doing so is through the international organization, IRATA. At RT9 all of our Rope Access technicians are IRATA certified, which means we will follow the highest standard for safe work at height when performing a job for you.