Save time and costs with a suspended platform system

Installations and surfaces of platforms and pipe bridges are often difficult to access with standard scaffolds, which can cause high-risk scenarios, abrupt standard activities, and expensive maintenance work. To avoid this, alternative methods like suspended platform systems can solve the more complicated jobs.


RT9 makes it rentable for you to prioritize your work by installing your suspended platform system as certified and approved Rope Access contractors. We do that by minimizing the risk of accidents and unnecessary complications and costs of slow and rigid work.


We can help install systems, execute the job and consult in the most suitable access solution for you.
 And we always guarantee a safe working environment and an evacuation plan, so you can be confident that your contractors carry out work in a safe manner.




Why choose a suspended platform system

The suspended platform system we suggest is Velo Tech Systems. With a Velo Tech system you can:


  • Save up to 80 % on time and cost and reduce labor costs, safety boat, and POB.
  • Save up to 90 % on weight and reduce the load on your structure and manual handling which is ideal for helidecks and pipe bridges. Typically, the weight of The Velo Tech System is between 25 and 35 kg per m2 and can be designed after class 4 scaffolds with a weight of 500 kg per m2.
  • Reduce the cost of coatings applications and improve the quality of coatings with zero contact points. The Velo Tech System is installed with chains instead of pipes corresponding to 12 cm per floor.
  • Higher your factor of safety (FoS) by withstanding heavy wind and manage heavy loads..



We are ready to assist you within the following areas

The suspended platform system we suggest is Velo Tech Systems. With a Velo Tech system you can:


  • Installing your suspended platform system on rig/vessels, on bridges, power stations, and more
  • Inspections of the suspended platform system


We have installed suspended platform systems for customers like Maersk and Subsea A/S.