RT9 CASE | Fjernvarme Fyn: Replacement of pipe systems

Fjernvarme Fyn


In connection with a revision, Fjernvarme Fyn had to have a new flue gas plant. Therefore, the old pipes had to be removed, and new pipes had to be lifted up and installed.

RT9 was responsible for demounting the old pipes and for hanging the new pipes. NCE then took over the task of laminating the pipes together. There was a total of 3 tons of pipe that had to be cut down and rigged away and a total of 6 tons of pipe that had to be rigged up and laminated together.


If the customer had chosen to approach the task with scaffolding, it would have required the pipes to be produced in many, smaller pieces and laminated on site. This would mean longer drying time og more fittings – ultimately a somewhat longer process with a worse result.


June 2020.

By accessing this type of task via Rope Access, more space is given in the room to move large elements around, where a scaffold would otherwise have taken up space. Rope Access is therefore the most advantageous solution for the task.

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