RT9 CASE | Lisbjerg forbraending – New chute

Lisbjerg forbraending – New waste chute


The waste chute between the 2 waste silos in the incinerator was worn and torn apart.

There were 2 tons of waste pressed down in the large hole, and the chute gapped more than 50 cm at the top, where waste had been pressed down.

We had to cut down the old chute, make a new construction and then weld on new plates.

All cutting, joining and welding is done with rope access, without scaffolding.

18 tons of steel are installed and fully welded.

The job at the incineration was carried out in collaboration with an internal crane and a blacksmith company.



The solution has given the customer great satisfaction, and the collaboration has continuously expanded with more tasks.

Knowledge of the work areas in the incineration means that it is possible to navigate around at height more quickly.

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