RT9 CASE | HS Hansen: Window installation on 100 meter tall building

HS Hansen


Due to the construction lift on the construction site being dismantled, there were 2 rows of windows per floor all the way to the top of the 100 meter high-rise, which had to be reinstalled. The first plan was to install the windows without the use of a crane, but the overhang and the high wind in March made it very difficult, which is why we installed the windows in collaboration with mobile cranes and special suction from JLM teknik.

RT9 thus helped with the window installation on the high-rise building via Rope Access, as it was the best solution for this type of task.


March – June 2019.

Wind and weather are a very influenceable element when windows is to be installed. If the windows are to be installed in any other way than via crane, it can only be done during the summer period. Therefore, Rope Access is the best solution in certain phases of construction.

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