RT9 CASE | Adserballe og Knudsen: Acid treatment of the facade, grouting of windows and removal of safety guards

Adserballe og Knudsen


The customer needed various types of tasks on the construction site completed, i.a. facade treatment and demounting. 

Since soft soil had already been laid in most places around the construction, setting up scaffolding was made difficult. Therefore, rope access became a flexible alternative.

The task consisted of inspecting the building, acid treatment of the facade, windows had to be grouted, and safety guards all around the roof had to be dismantled.

By solving this safely for the customer, the coordinated work on the construction site could continue undisturbed and without high risks.


June – July 2019.

Due to the physical conditions on the construction site, it was not possible to solve the task in any other way than with Rope Access – a flexible solution for facade treatment, demounting and other maintenance tasks.

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