RT9 CASE | Vestforbraending: Steel and pipe mounting at height



Vestforbraendingen needed af new smoke condensation system made in connection with a biofuel plant.

Therefore, 2 new pipe systems had to be made, which also had to be supported with suitable fittings.

We were called in at the start of the job to install steel that was difficult to reach from the lift and ended up being a great benefit to the customer as we were able to cut down components and set up new components without being a nuisance to the other workers on site. 

The job is solved with lifting equipment, hoists and with decades of knowledge.

We always take great pride in delivering on time, and with a high level of professional pride.


June 2021.

By accessing this type of task via Rope Access, more space is given in the room to move large elements around, where a scaffold would otherwise have taken up space. Rope Access is therefore the most effective solution for the task.

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