RT9 CASE | AArhus: Window cleaning for MT Hoejgaard



The customer had a building project where the concrete har left residue, which stuck to the windows and all the glass on the building. The areas could not be reached via lift, crane or our normal equipment, which is why we had to move out with special equipment to solve the task.

It was not a completely simple rigging that came with the task, as there was glass protection all the way around the balconies. It was not possible to access the task via other solutions than rope access due to the underground car park under the entire building and the landscaped garden. However, the task was solved with rope access to the great satisfaction of the customer and the buildings residents.


October 2019.

The approach to the task was so complex that there would be no other possible solutions than rope access. The difficult approach to tasks such as window cleaning could have been avoided if rope access had been included in the construction project from the very beginning.

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