RT9 CASE | Bestseller, Aarhus: Algae clean

Bestseller, Aarhus


Bestseller, Aarhus needed an algae cleaning of the building’s facade. Cleaning of a facade at height can be tricky when the building is over 50 meters high, and there are parking garages on two sides of the building. It goes without saying that it was impossible to reach all the areas with a lift or crane. Therefore, the best solution was to access the work via rope access, which is cheaper, more flexible and less complex. 


Via Rope Access, RT9 helped carry out the algae removal on the building’s facades with high-pressure cleaners in collaboration with Super1rent.


September 2019.

Due to the structure of the building, it is too complex to access the building in the traditional way with a lift or crane. Rope Access is the best and cheapest solution for such buildings, as we can descend from above.

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