RT9 CASE | SH Group, Maersk Reacher: Replacement of swivels and brackets

SH Group, Maersk Reacher


The customer needed removal of components from the top of a derrick on a jack-up platform. Components had to be refurbished and tested and then reassembled.

We made a plan and executed with approval from OIM (Offshore Installation Manager)

We could easily lower the components down and lift them up again due to the length of our rope.

Components weighed up to 150 kg and the brackets were bolted to the underside of a structure.

After the first session was finished the team was told that they had left a great impression out there. The response from OIM was that he would like to have the same team again. 


May – June 2021.

Rope Access was the best solution for this type of task. There was 65 m to the top of the derrick and we had to have access to the inside and outside while moving around at height. Our hoisting systems made lowering and hoisting safe.

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