Energinet – Offshore


The customer wanted their offshore jacket sandblasted and subsequently painted. We supplied suspended platform systems that could hang down along the legs and along the rest of the construction of the platform.

In addition, we could sandblast and paint from our ropes in small areas where the suspended platforms could not be set up.

By combining rope access and platform systems, we were thus agile in our work – both while setting up the platforms and when carrying out the task.


The task was solved in 2022.


Thomas Hunderup – Energinet

For this task, other companies had not wanted to take on the job, as it was a complex area to set up scaffolding, especially without contact points for the scaffolding.

The assignment demonstrates how suspended platform systems are effective to use on offshore platforms – especially in combination with rope access.

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RT9 were profesionals. They knew what they worked with, they kept their agreements and where able to solve unforseen problems.

Thomas Hunderup, Energinet