IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) is a global, non-profit climbing organization established in the late 1980’s in Aberdeen, Scotland, with a view to ensure the world’s highest level of rope-access safety.

IRATA is a worldwide organization with members including more than 400 companies from over 65 different countries. Each continent is divided into the so-called RAC’s (Regional Advice Committee). RT9 assisted in the establishment of the Scandinavian RAC, which helps upholding high standards for rope-access in Scandinavia. This was achieved through communication with the Danish Working Environment Authority and by sharing our knowledge.

The difference between IRATA technicians differ from IRATA companies:

• The technician certificate is given to the person performing rope-access assignments
• The company constitutes a fully implemented safety system, where work is conducted according to safety manuals and procedures.

There are two types of member companies—operating companies and training companies:

• Operating member companies have thoroughly implemented a comprehensive safety system. Moreover, we report working hours and incidents to IRATA for the production of statistics that enable us to continuously improve our work and safety.
• Training companies are certified to train IRATA technicians at any Level.

Every year, IRATA compiles the WASA (Work and Safety Analysis) based on the hours and incidents reported by member companies. By the end of the year, a report detailing the safety of rope access as a work method is produced.