Access your turbine better

The construction of turbines being on land or water is a hard-to-reach work area. Tasks such as inspection of towers or wings, surface treatment inside and out as well as repairs of the construction are necessary to maintain the turbines. RT9 performs maintenance tasks with Rope Access or by setting up special scaffolding so that your staff can perform the job themselves.


We work according to the international safety standard for work at height, IRATA. This means we plan every job carefully and provide risk assessments and a rescue plan so you won’t have to worry about potential accidents.

We are ready to assist you within the following areas

  • Inspection of towers
  • Surface treatment, inside and outside
  • Repairs of wings and other constructions
  • Maintenance and cleaning of wings and other constructions
  • Cable pull bot inside and under the platform
  • Setting up special scaffolding
  • Cleaning turbines (removing grease, oil etc.)


Among our customers, we have assisted Subsea A/S in installing a suspended platform system.